Current work

Current work (as of 2023)

  • Assist WHO to support and collaborate with countries in the area of physical activity policy development and implementation. 
  • Support the tracking of progress in developing and implementing policies for physical activity promotion (physical activity policy monitoring) 
  • Supporting the collection and analysis of European and global physical activity surveillance data 
  • Support to align physical activity promotion to global challenges (climate change, planetary health)
  • Support specific physical activity promotion measures for people with non-communicable diseases 

Past activities

• 2022

• 2021

• 2020

• 2019

  • Support to WHO Headquarters during the preparation of the updated WHO global guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior
  • Country mission to North Macedonia to support the development of a national physical activity policy
  • Exchange visit by Prof. Dr. Adrian Bauman (WHO CC Sydney) at the WHO CC to work on joint projects
  • Presentation of the WHO CC to the expert workgroup “PA in everyday life” of the German Ministry of Health in Berlin, Germany

• 2018

  • Participation in the network meeting of European WHO Collaborating Centres in the field of physical activity and nutrition, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Participation in the first meeting of the WHO Collaborating Center Plus Network for Healthy Ageing (WHO CC+), Berne, Switzerland
  • Support for collecting and evaluating data for update of the EU/WHO Physical Activity Country Factsheets

• 2017

• 2016

• 2015