About us

Mission and work plan

The mission of the Collaborating Centre at the DSS is to support WHO in its endeavor to inspire and enable more people to be physically active. Support activities specifically include but are not limited to

  • conducting research on physical activity
  • preparing scientific publications and reports for policy and practice
  • conducting international seminars to build capacities for physical activity promotion
  • and conducting country missions to support advise national governments on physical activity policy


The current workplan of the Centre (2018–2021) includes the following thematic areas:


The core team at the Centre consists of researchers representing a variety of different backgrounds with expertise in epidemiology, sport science, and psychology, sociology and political science. Staff members’ research interests cover a broad range of fields, including physical activity surveillance, physical activity in children and in people with chronic conditions, as well as health policy and policy monitoring.

The Centre is led by two co-directors and strategically coordinated by a team of senior researchers recruited from the Division of Physical Activity and Health and the Division for Physical Activity and Public Health at the Department of Sport Science and Sport at FAU. In addition to its permanent members, the Centre also relies on the specific expertise of additional DSS researchers for select activities.


Senior researchers


Founding director and former senior researcher